Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Notes

Commenced at 20:54

Jeff says that members can watch the meeting notes at mms://

Old Business

  • Free flee
    • Robert Ke4MCL and Jeff KG4CNM sold $80 dollars worth of stuff
  • Miami Marathon
    • Ben Nemser is looking for Volunteers for the Miami Marathon. Contact Jeff or Ben for more details.
  • Orlando ham fest
    • Coming up in February. It spans from Friday till Sunday.
New Business
  • Ray, KD4BBM, recommends that we bring in guest speakers for the meetings.
    • Jeff is saying meeting attendance is a big issue and might deter speakers.
    • Ray recommends 311 to come in and do a speech on their services
      • Side note: Jeff states that we have 17 individuals going to holiday dinner so it is more than likely.
  • Show and tell demonstration on the Nokia N800 internet tablet.
    • Jeff reiterates that it is not an iPhone.
    • Not the newest model but good for 200 bucks. Newest model, the N810, is 400 dollars.
    • Runs on Linux.
    • Runs Skype.
  • K4IDN organizes an annual breakfast called the Parade of hams. All hams are invited. RSVP at K4IDN.
  • Ray mentions CompUSA is closing.
  • On Saturday, March 8th, the Fire Department will be showing off their equipment. Will be starting around 8 and will be there as long as people are comming
  • Treasurer: Membership is due.
    • Steve says we should discuss dues for 2008 to cover all the assets from the SFFMA
    • Actual Cost is not said in by-laws
      • Will be decided later
      • A tower crew was contacted and said that they would not accept "bits of string" as payment
  • Hamboree
    • Make Magazine people are interested and we are in the middle of talking to them
    • Make is sponsored by Microsoft
    • Right after Orlando
Meeting concluded at 8:48

Monday, August 13, 2007

August Notes

Commenced 20:30

Minutes will be posted on this website as usual.

Treasurer Report:

  • Dave gave the Esther Statements from savings accounts and we made money off the interest.
It has been cleared out ( update to those who weren't at last meeting)

Old Buisness:
  • Inventory of Dade Radio Club assets
    • Inventory Commitee needs to me made to see what we own. Jeff is looking for someone to head it up. Esther and Chris Jensen will help Jeff with this task.
    • Will also help with merge of property with the F.M. Association.
    • Ray is asking who owned a "semi portable" weather station and -- said he has it at the house. Dave says he can donate some parts to help get it working.
  • Repeater Fund
    • Needs to be talked of once the SFFMA is aquired.
  • CERT
    • Jeff was speaking to the CERT coordinator and asked if we could solicit new blood. She asked if we had classes and he had to say not at this time. This needs to be worked on. Jeff stresses that this is part of our purpose as a club.
    • Ray recommends to show the capabillities of amateur radio to these members.
    • Bryan volunteers to teach CERT members who want to learn.
  • Holice introduces a new ham
    • Jeff asked where he got the book and he said that he bought it at barnes and noble.
  • Motion for Free Membership for new hams for one year
    • Carl, John, Esther
  • Unanimous vote for Free Membership for new hams for one year.
  • Holice recommends news letter and it was agreed that a newsletter would be too costly
New Buisness:
  • Holiday Dinners
    • It was agreed that we will continue that tradition.
    • Frank walked in. KI4IJQ
  • A tenative meeting will be made to decide the fate of the Hamboree
  • Radio Room Status
    • John, Frank and Jeff have been comming to the radio room to work on different projects.
    • Virgil donated an H.F. antenna which needs to be put up.
    • Any member is invited to use the radio room during buisness hours.
    • Holice asked what antenna did we have donated. Jeff said it was an 80 meter dipole.
  • Value Jet mentioned by Ray. A date will be decided on SoFlaHams mailing list.
  • Virgil walks in and mentions old buisness. He clarified a year membership only for new hams
    • A date should be made for renewal and the new memberships should work till then.
  • Holice askes if anyone has any experience with R/C airplanes.
Motion to adjourn
Seconded by Virgil at 20:58

July DRC Notes

Notes are forthcomming. They need to be pulled from the video server.

Monday, June 11, 2007

June Notes

Dade Radio Club

Meeting Started at 20:31

You can watch us on the internet at mms://
Jeff welcomes everyone to the meeting.

After the meeting, we will have a demostration on slow scan tv.

Minutes Accepted at Phippe Calderon and seconded by Carl Jagelski

Old Buisness

  • Frank, Jeff, John and a few others went to Dayton. He states that it was no different than ours but bigger. In Jeff's oppinon, it is definately worth going to.
  • The merger:
    • John McHugh says that Sam Harte suggested in the FM meeting that a ballot be prepared and emailed/mailed to the members of both clubs. The decision should be based on that. Sam will help Ronnie Haik in drafting the ballot. Name change was discussed but in John's oppinion, it isn't needed.
    • Motion to accept by Jeff to Merge:
      • Second by Felipe Calderon and First by Carl Jagelski
  • John asked about the assets in the warehouse and Jeff responded that they will be sorted through.
    • Dave went to the Bank today and took out 98% of the money and put it into a money market account for 90 days. It will be making 4.25%. At the end of 90 days, it will be taken out and put into another account. (Virgil Walks in).

  • Virgil adverstises for DEMALAY. Ages 12 - 21. The Everglades amateur radio club has invited them to their Field Day. Location: 167 Ave. South of Quailroost. KOA campground. Jeff has a card in reguard to contacting the chapter for Wednesday Meeting.
  • Announcements:
    • Skywarn classes on Saturday at Coral Gables Police Station, 9:30 - NOON for Basic and Break for lunch and Advanced in the Afternoon.
Motion to Adjourn at 20:52

Monday, May 14, 2007

May Notes

Dade Radio Club




Started at 20:56

Minutes accepted 1st by Frank Echanique and 2nd by Stephanie Toledo.


  • The assets from the warehouse in Robert's opinion is worth around 3k.
  • The trailer works perfectly. A hinge is broken in the back but David Fernandez is looking into welding a new one on.
  • Amtrust is where our High yield savings account should be held or is held.
    Harry Newell was given the CHAMP award which was presented at the Citizens Crime watch Award Ceremony.
  • Field Day- Still doing that and discussed at FM Meeting
  • Dayton is coming up.


  • Unanamously voted for the merger of Dade radio club with the FM Association.
    • Discussing pros and cons.
    • How fees should be distributed through dues.
    • Need a quorum for both DRC and FM association.

Meeting closed at 21:30